Monday, July 12, 2010

I heart you! Thais Ueda!

Sorry, Friday I was out, I don’t know what happened; I guess all the nights of sleeping badly collapsed into one zombie day (That is my professional opinion). I wanted to do a nice little post for a cool artist from Brazil, but I thought it was better to wait until I was at least at my 80%; she deserves a post not done on a Dead Alive day. And well after a nice weekend I am the closest I've been to my full percent, since I got back to Mexico.
So, now with you! I present! Thais Ueda (Hana*bi)!!


Ok, so, she has tons of images I would want to post, I spent a long time looking at her things on Flickr Photostrea some days ago, and then she sent me a link to her web site and there was more to admire!! I am so mad that I can only post 5 images, because well, I love her! (There, I said it!); Oh and, today that I went back to her Photostream I saw that she had uploaded more things!! I also adore those!!!!! She is driving me crazy; I am in such a blogger dilemma.

She draws women and girls (some cats also). I love that her drawing show different facets of womanhood, she draws it all; from soft and not so soft sensuality, to calm, strength and plain happiness. Her girls and women seem in control of their lives, wrapped in their own reality, I love her so much!!!

She does paintings, mix media, murals and also some crochet objects that are really interesting (please go to her web site and look around). Her street art she sings as Hana*bi, which in Japanese is the connection of the words: Fire and Flower, it represents Fireworks; she believes street art to be is as beautiful and fleeting as them (cool gal, no?)

Here are a few of her pieces*:

Ilustração Festival de Cinema Brasil


Irmã Dia e Irmã Noite

Juntando as peças

If you want more from her you can check out her Flickr Photostream (here) or her Web page (here).

The 6 senses: Audition - with the artist Walter Nomura

* Yes! Ha! I did post 6 images!! Sorry, but at the last minute I could not (NOT!) cut it down to 5.

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