Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love Laura Pérez! yes, yes I do!

New crush! Big crush!! Her name is Laura Pérez, she is from Spain*, but did some studies in Canada and France. She is fantastic at capturing simple casual moments, I am so in love with the women she draws; she does not stick to one type of body or look, I love that, I get the feeling that even if she draw my not-so-size-6-body I would feel super cute looking at the end result.

I am mega crushing her work, I hope you like it as well:


BCN Metro

Dans le Cafe

Three circles

She is represented by Anna Goodsons Management; some weeks ago she was their featured artists and did a little interview for their web page (here).

The Massage team

Visit her portfolio
or her Flickr Photostream (here)

* I keep wondering: what it is about Spain that makes their artists so free in their craft, exceptionally good and experimental?

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  1. Laura Pérez! I had not heard of her, but I'm really liking her style!
    The Massage Team --that would be a dream come true!