Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giveaways! Giveaways!

- Win a tote form My Girl Thursday at The Thompson Family --> HERE
- Win a $20 certificate to use at various shops at The Rikrak Studio --> HERE
- Win a cute postcard set at Christine Clemmensen --> HERE
- Win a pincushion, some fabric covered buttons and trims at Moose & Bird --> HERE
- Win a $25 ebay gift certificate from Zuburbia at Calivintage --> HERE
- Win one of two prints by Mia Christopher at Pikaland --> HERE
- Win a Cricut Cake from Martha Stewart Crafts at The Crafts Dept. --> HERE
- Win prints at Morning Light in my Room --> HERE


  1. Hi :-)
    Thanks for your comment :-) Of course I'll send you a set too :-) Will you email me your adress?

    Thank you for that lovely link to Sara Lov on your previous post - she's great! I have a link to your blog today :-)

    Have a sweet weekend :-)

  2. Wow! you are the nicest person!! Thank you so much!
    And MEGA thanks for the link! You are really really lovely! You made my day!