Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joshua Tillman is my brand-new love.

The internet is the most magical place! Sexual predators and spam aside, it is amazing all the wonderful things one can see and learn just by double clicking around. I keep falling in love with it.

I know I am supposed to be ashamed of spending so much time in front of my computer, but I am not. When you have little money to travel the world and almost no museums to attend, having a computer and internet access is heaven. My brain doesn’t have to dry out and my mind can keep on reading, seeing a listening to new things.

Yay! For the Internet!!!

Now a song (I song I just found some 10 minutes ago); this is J. Tillman with Firstborn*
(I am in love with his voice, I have heard this song about 5 times already)

* Video edited by Matt Mastrorocco and filmed by Matt Blodgett.

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