Friday, July 16, 2010

Lana Bragina is so cool!

Some days I do worry; what if my funky mood won’t let me write properly? What if I just can’t find an inspiriting artist for today? It is not the easiest of task, to be honest; my day’s frame of mind has to match with the artist work, otherwise I am lost: I have no idea how to describe them or how to do a proper introduction (I am sure, if you have read other of my post, you can tell which days I was kind of faking it). It is no brain surgery, but it's still a tricky and singular deal.

So, because today I am so out of whack I was really afraid of finding nothing moving or beautiful, but then, as I was clicking away I found her:

nest brooch set

Oh!! thank you blue sky! Thank you yellow bird on the tree! Thank you cat that keeps on attacking my leg! She is amazing! The brooch; amazing! Her double picture composition; amazing! Her expression, her almost-no-make-up face, soft gaze! AMAZING!

And so, with a look and a double click this post was born. I was suddenly among her picture, picking my favorite ones, smiling at her poses, surprised with the quality of her picture (not all makers and sellers of crafts have the vision to understand and create beautiful images to enclose their products) and of course impressed with her magnificent pieces. She was just the refreshing talent that I needed for today.

Her name is Lana Bragina (Uloni) she is from Germany; she is a graphic designer and of course a crafter. She has an interesting blog where you can swap your handmade things for other ultra lovely creations (here) and, well, she makes all of the items in this post (so, she is probably one of the coolest girls on this planet):

red coral necklace

white and grey cuff

new brooch

I LOVE her modeling!!! She is super cute and her work is incredible! I am so envious with my chubby face and clumsy hands!!! Anyway, go and search around her pages you will no regret it, find something cool for yourself or a friend and have a super nice weekend!

Her Portfolio is --> Here
Her Etsy shop --> Here
Her Flickr Photostream --> Here
And her blog (where the swapping is done) --> Here

rose necklace


  1. These are absolutely stunning! Have a great day!

  2. Nicest review! And some cool stuff is being reviewed!

  3. thank you a lot!
    It is a honor for me )