Monday, July 26, 2010

Laura Gibson and some thoughts.

I had a great weekend, Comic-con was really an amazing experience and the party after it was just as cool. Funny thing is that I come to realize that having carefree days, right now, for me, is almost impossible. My mind is at all times racing; thinking about the weather in Florida, the boy I can no longer touch or speak to whenever I want, imagining what he would comment on if he was next to me, wondering for how long I am going to have to bear life alone...

So yes, Comic-Con was great, but nowadays, great moments feel like a cheat; I am not supposed to enjoy them alone, I should be sharing (but I can’t, I won’t be able to for a long time, and well, that feels like when someone steals the last bite of your sandwich; not good at all).

But it is not the saddest thing on earth; the truth is that every time I go out I understand that even in our peculiar situation, we (my boyfriend and I) are doing fine. I see all kinds of crazy things: people cheating on their spouses, guy cheating on their girls, girlfriends in wild jealousy rages (oddly enough, not the ones being cheated on), workaholics on semi-manic rants, girls looking for love in all the wrong places, etc, etc. We are OK, we have our problems (geographical most of them), but we are still in one of the best relationships that I know. He gets me, in my entire crazy splendor and I love all his quirks and oddities. Things are all right and in time they will go back to being perfect (I hope).

Now a song.

Here is Laura Gibson with Shadows On Parade*

* Video directed/edited by Chad Crouch

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