Friday, July 23, 2010

Mark Ryden is for cool kids.

Since tomorrow I will be going to Comic Con (yes, I do not get tired of writing that down) I thought it would be fitting to do a post about a super cool artist that I got to know (not personally just his work) thanks to that event.

I must admit that before my visits to Comic Con I had never been one to talk about illustrators and painters, I did know my classical art history and I had always marveled with XXI century artists; but unlike my friends I never remembered the names and dates relevant to movements and styles, so I got lost in those artsy and fancy college talks. I guess for me it was the world of and for talented people, and I had no business being there.

But once I went there and I stole all those pamphlet and pins, well, art seemed a little closer to home, it was in my home; little hills formed with freebies everywhere: t-shirts, booklets, hand fans, silly mask, stickers, etc. All of them printed with names of companies, artists, logos and future movies. They were all mine to keep or share (I, for some years, overzealously kept them, and now I blog about them: I have grown).

That is why I love this event, it changed my way of seeing art, and yes, I still can’t buy paintings and most prints (I am, after all, poor). But I can sure learn about their makers and take little postcards of them home; Interact with art as much as possible.

I fill kind of silly making a post about Mark Ryden, he is super well known by all the cool kids. And well, I got late to the party; I was one of those un-cool nerd (you know the kind, the ones that forget facts so smart people look down on them and then go to parties and trip so jocks really hate them, because jocks detest clumsy people), nevertheless, this post is about him.

I will not attempt to describe his work, I am not that silly. He is great, simple great; a master at his technique and not lazy with the meaning and references. He has something to express and knows how to make the viewer comprehend and appreciate it. There, that is all I will say, you have to make your own little mental post for this one.

Here are 5 pieces you can ponder over:


The Butcher Bunny

Balloon Boy

Grey Animal

For more of this master you can go to his Web Site --> HERE

Incarnation (#100)

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