Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lerms, Golpeavisa and El Taco de Ojo

There is no doubt that sometimes small ponds can generate big fishes, my town of Ensenada is one of those productive small ponds; around me, I have seen a lot of fishes overdevelop. At 15, 16 years of age, in high school, you start to notice the slight difference in size; you wonder if it's something they are eating, genetics, luck. You envision that a change in your lifestyle might produce their results; you read some books, do searches in the library, eat better, enter art classes and eventually forget (small fishes have a minuscule memory spans).

By 20, at some random party or event, you find them again; they are huge! It comes back to you: “now I remember! I wanted to be a big fish as well!!” … you decide to talk to them; if you can’t be a big fish at least you will be that petite fish that hangs with them.

Their chats are really interesting, they see the world in ways you never even imagined, they know about other big fishes from the outside world; It turns out that big fishes are nice people, they know a lot about not fitting in, and so, they never go around hating on others; they even cheer you up whenever you feel your smallness to be overwhelming (thanks to them, you do grow a little bit).

And then the late twenties arrive, you as a small fish are settling into your life; you are no longer eager to be the biggest of them all (things are not that bad), but the big fishes, well… they are just too big: The pond is running out of food for them and the water barely covers their bodies; it is time to go.

All the small friend fishes, we gather around, take deep breaths with our tiny gills and scream “¡Vayan con Dios!

That is how it goes; my town has seen it over and over again. And that is basically how it came to happen that Carlos Lerma (Lerms) ended up in Cancún working for Golpeavisa; Golpeavisa is a small publicity agency but by no means a small pond; they are doing amazing (A-MA-ZING!) work for important companies, winning international awards and traveling all over Mexico doing conferences. My friend is now officially swimming hard to keep up, which is a great change of pace for him. Once I saw their web page (here), I knew, our big Lerms was home.

Yesterday he sent me a link to their new shop (El Taco de Ojo), it made me so happy; it is always really joyous for me to find that Mexican artists are doing professional top notch work, their new page is marvelous, plus all the play with the Taquería (taco shop) theme I find ultra amusing; props for them for making real Mexican culture a little more mainstream.

So have a look, love them and shop!!!!!!

Fake plastic print

MJ Tribute

Tits and oranges

The hand of GOD

Have a look at their pages, they are really wonderful.
Golpeavisa is --> Here
and El Taco de Ojo --> Here
by the way, the tips on how to find a good taco join (
Here) are astoundingly true!!!!

(This one is sold, but I love it, and needed to post it)

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