Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lisa Evans and my Muse Story.

When I was younger I had this fantasy: One day I was to meet an artist and, instantly, become his muse.

Yes, I was going to turn into that inside story that only the close friends understood, a chapter in the special edition DVD (of the movie done about his life), the subject of an interesting account in a really expensive art appreciation class. I guess a more feminist or ambitious child would have wished to become the artist rather than the muse. But to me, there was something really magical in being the secret (or not so secret) inspiration behind a masterpiece.

To my dismay, as puberty and adolescence arrived, I never developed any muse-like qualities; I stayed short, anxious and clumsy (not to mention without a splendid bosom), and then after my twenties arrived I gained weight and well, yeah, no more nude posing for me. So sad.

So why did I write this into? I just felt like sharing, truth is: it has nothing to do with the artists I am about to feature or her work.

Her name is Lisa Evans (Firefluff), and she is a freelance illustrator from the England; She is represented by Folio (Illustration Agency) and is doing truly interesting and fluffy illustrations.

Have a look:

The Keepers


Mojo - Bon Iver


Don’t you think her work is really special? So much detail, plus I love her chubby and puffy characters; they always seem to be in the middle of an amazing adventure. I can't believe the pony! I love it!! I want it! And I adore that in Mojo - Bon Iver you can see that she can also work with more serious and dark subjects. She is honestly great.

I hope soon we get so see her work everywhere, I want some affordable notebooks with her illustrations as covers! (pronto!). But for now you (and I) can follow her work on her blog (Here), her Flickr Photostream (Here) or to her Portfolio in Folio (Here)

Ginger and stealth

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