Thursday, July 29, 2010

Higinia Garay gave me my words back.

Some days I wake up completely convinced that I can no longer write. That somehow I have spent all my posting coupons and that no matter what comes along I will not be able to describe it. A little panic slips into my blood stream and with fear I turn my computer on. And sit here, in front of it, sure enough, after 5 tries (1 hour) I am yet to feel good about any of my writing.

I search my to-post list for inspiration (and nothing clicks), I go to some post that I left in my files half written, play a little with them (nothing!)... I start to worry, what if it is true? What if today is the day? The day I say: Well, better go and write my name down for accounting classes.

NO!!!! My soul screams! (I scream, you scream, we all scream: No Amaranta, Don’t stop believing!).

So before applying for community college I do one last thing, my Lucky Move. I go to one of my favorite painter, crafter o designer’s Flicker Profile; I search for his or her favorite images and let luck, destiny and Karma do their things. This time I went to David de las Heras’ favorites (because some days ago he sent me a little e-mail that made my day and he got stuck in my mind) and THEN! Because life can be good to me, I found this:

Pájaros en la cabeza (Translation by me: Birds in the Head)

Thank you, I am fine now. Words start to accumulate in my mouth and soon my hands are filtering them into this little blank page.

This is from Higinia Garay, she is from Spain and this is not a one-hit wonder drawing. All of her work is magnificent! Soft, dirty and yet naive, cute, happy, colorful with hints of darkness; LOVE! LOVE! Instant Love!

I want to meet her! Watch her work! Have coffee
with her (my treat!), ask her questions about her life, hide in her closet and stare at her while she sleeps at night… Wait… what? No, ok, no, just the professional stuff, I’m cool, I’m cool… So… where was I? Oh, yeah, she does great work.

Have a look!

la última caníbal (Translation by me: the last cannibal)

Indians & Cowgirls

Only one can survive

Normally I am not so crazy about nipples, but I adore the fact that this poor girl is always showing hers. She is such a rock star. I adore her.

Want more from Higinia Garay? Well you can visit her Flickr Photostream --> Here
Her Web Site --> Here
If you want a print (or if you really want to send me a gift) you can visit her shop here --> Here

Caperucita loca (Translation by me: Crazy Riding Hood)

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