Friday, July 30, 2010


So, I know that normally this is the post where I show you a video of some indie song (I do love my indie music) but not today! since it is Friday and all I thought it would be nice to post something on the happier side of things.

Recently I rediscovered Mameshiba! And I am so happy I did (now I want to share them with you).

What is Mameshiba you ask? Well, they are bean, yes beans. Beans full of yummy protein and irrelevant facts; beans that talk with the most amazing voices.

Sometime ago, Mameshiba videos were all over geeky reunions. They were the charming videos of the moment; the ones that dorky guys showed us girls so we would go: “oh my!! That is the cutest little thing! How did you find it!?” and then those nerdy guys would have this smart and slick response like “well, I was just surfing the net, everyone knows them”… Somehow that gave them scoring points, for some reason girls thought it to be sexy… I think it had something to do with the amount of alcohol in those reunions.

Anyway, this is the Mameshiba song:

But! If you want to watch the videos and in that way turn yourself immune to the charming effects of nerdy chats;
you can go --> Here to their official web site (click on videos, and enjoy).

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