Monday, August 2, 2010

Conrad Roset and a PG13 post.

As all might know (or are about to discover) I am not too crazy about nipples (one of those things, I just find them annoying and distracting) but I guess I has to stay open to all parts of the male and female body if I am interested in being unbiased to painters and artists all around. Yes, this is me growing.

For the longest time I have been loving Conrad Roset’s style, however his loveliest work is populated with all types of nipples, so I thought I needed to get to get in the nipple-acceptance mode before trying to post about him, you know, shed a little of my prude self to properly write. I am watching Californication (it’s helping*; I am tolerating nipples more every second, only now I feel like my blogger life is a bore).

Now to the real post:

Conrad Roset is a 26 year old from Barcelona, Spain and he does other things beside illustrating and drawing naked and semi-naked women; he has worked for Coca-cola, Addidas and Zara amongst others and he made the illustrations for a published children’s book called Hijos de Colores (Children of Color, a book about adoption).

But from all his pieces I happen to love his girls the most (he somehow made nipples acceptable for my eyes). His illustrations of girls are so beautiful; simple moments of calm for what seem wild characters and I adore the way color is splashed on them (if you are going to be naked you might as well have some bright paint on you), love it!





If you want more of him you can visit his Web Site (here), his blog (here) and his Flickr Photostream (here).
If you need some bright nipples in your home (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t) you can go to his shop (here).


* If Mulder approves, I can approve.

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