Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yay for Uruguay! Day: Santiago Paulós

So, I was a little scare because the first (and only) time I had set my heart on looking for an artist from a specific country I had found myself on quite a pickle, it is not an easy thing to do. Especially because I never want to force a post and just find someone that I feel bla about, I need to love them; otherwise, they will not make it to my blog*!

But! This time I got so lucky: First search! First page! And I found: Santiago Paulós.

He is amazing! He was born in San José, Uruguay; a year after I was born, so that makes him about 17 years old… no, not really, more like 26 or 27. Well, there is little info on the Web about him, but I guess that’s OK, not much info is needed to appreciate his pieces.

Have a look:


Abuela IV, androginia


Emile Zola

For more of him, you can visit his Web site --> Here
To watch a video of Santiago Paulós at work (a chapter from EL Otro directed by Julián Goyoaga and Germán Tejeira) go --> Here (It is really interesting and has subtitles, so don’t fear and double click).

Juan Pedro Paz

* Contrary to what my ex boyfriend list might imply I do have standards. Ha! Ex girlfriend stab!!!

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  1. How very nice. Thanks for posting about the poster :)