Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 books I love.

Well today is a special day for me, because today is the day that I am going to start writing, but you write almost every day!? – You cry out...

Yes, I know. But today is the day that I will start to write, match those writings to an online magazine, send those writings and wait 3 to 15 weeks to have my heart broken… fun!

Yesterday between a coffee break and a crisis I decided that it was time to try my luck in the real world of writing; After all I am still without a job, I am not getting any younger and well, I guess, aiming for a publication it’s the natural evolution of a so-called writer.

It only took me 10 years of wanting to be a writer to understand this, face it and do something about it. Now, don’t get all teary eyed and sentimental. Fact is, I am most definitely going to get rejected and nothing will become out of this ultra grownup thing to do, but it’s how it has to be. No other way around it, I have to send things out and wait to get them back with the “No, thank you” stamp on them, so I can face reality and get a job at McDonalds.

So, because it is such a special day, I decided to wear my “Where the Wild Things Are” T-shirt; yes, I am taking this step really seriously.

And! Since I was wearing the shirt I was thinking about the book, and so I decided to do a little 5 books for children (and adults) that I super love (none of them related to my actually infancy). I am sure I am not making any great discoveries, if you have children or love illustrations you probably have already heard about all of them, but every once in a while an homage post is accepted (I believe).

Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon Scieszka, illustrations: Lane Smith

This was the book that started my collection (yes, I have a small collection of c
hildren’s books); I was in my early twenties in a mall (the holidays, waiting for all my relatives to get their shopping done), I decided to enter into a book store to browse around; I soon found myself in the children’s section… since I was going to wait for hours I got myself in a comfortable position and started to review books.

Stinky Cheese Man stole my heart, it is the kind of book that I would have lo
ved as a kid and the kind that I can still read and have fun with; it’s witty but not stupid and I love the textures that all the illustrations have. I am sure you have had some type of encounter with it, but for me that first time ever with it in my hands was heaven. I bought it; I was kind of poor that day and still I could not walk out without it.

More on Jon Scieszka (Here)
More on Lane Smith (Here)

Olivia by Ian Falconer

That same day, poor as I was, I decided to take a chance and buy a second book. Yes, the first time I entered the book store I got out with Stinky Cheese Man and a rush of adrenaline, after lunch in the food court I decided to go back… I wanted another book, I needed another book.

Olivia was so different from Stinky Cheese Man, and so lovely in its own way. Clean illustrations in black, grays and red, the cutest little pig as the main character; a lively, headstrong and happy piggy-girl (my mom says she is just like me, I hope not in the piggy part). I still think Olivia is onthe cutest book around, and I am really happy I spent those few dollars on it.

More on Olivia the pig (

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
I don’t think I need to review this one, it’s a great book, really dark and no moral lesson within; but a fabulous little read. I am not sure if children get it, I quite convinced mine will, because they are going to be ultra philosophical and well read… but who cares about children!? I don’t! Not yet anyway! And I love this book!

Miffy goes to the Zoo by Dick Bruna
Miffy, sweet Miffy, without you life would be a non-eternal sequence of dull days. Dick Bruna does the best illustrations of animals and in Miffy goes to the Zoo you get plenty of them. LOVE!

More on Miffy (

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen, illustrations: Mark Teague

You can have money, fame and women but without a book about dinosaurs saying good night life is just tedious and not worth it. This book is fantastic, the illustrations are incredible and the story sweet and to the point; if you have a rowdy little one or a rowdy little soul you will probably like it as well.

More on
Jane Yolen (Here)

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