Tuesday, August 10, 2010

About writing, grandma, Delphic and Dave Ma.

Yes, I know, I am sorry, yesterday I wrote the smallest post in the history of post (not really, I just wanted to make a point); well it was because I was writing something else (yes, I was cheating on you). That something else might make into publishing so it was important for me (a little introduction for a book, if it happens I will tell you about it later, if it doesn’t just forget I ever mentioned it).

My other writing went nicely; I got all my neurons high with caffeine, exercise and vitamin C (no idea if the vitamin C works in any important way in the brain, but still, I gave it a go; I am that type of professional); I think it all went OK.

I was given this little tasks a week ago, and finally on Sunday the first lines came to me (that is normally how it happens: for 5 days I fill my mind with relevant information, followed by a day of movies and beer, one day of rest, and then the first lines come to my brain! It’s weird, no?

So anyway, I was doing that and then grandma had a little emergency with her blood sugar levels, and no mental space was left to post. She is well now, she had to spend some time in the hospital to get an IV drip but she did come back home to sleep; today she is a little tired but fine.
We are all a little tired, but fine.

Now, some music (I am ULTRA in love with the video); it’s Delphic with This Momentary*

* Directed by Dave Ma

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