Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jeremiah Ketner and those tags on Facebook.

Lately something odd has been happening to me: when I am alone trying clothes for a party or an outing I feel great, beautiful, feminine and cute; a few days later, when pictures of that day are uploaded to Facebook and I am being tagged, I realize that I looked like a mess (a chubby, clumsy, crude mess).

What the funky bananas is that about? Is it a disorder? Is it an ego thing? Some type of reverse anorexia?

I have no idea, but it keeps happening. It used to be the opposite, when I was younger I hated how I looked in the mirror and then it turned out that I was actually a cute sixteen-year-old (most sixteen-year-olds are anyway). But it is completely disorienting when it’s the other way around; at sixteen I was surprised when ever some boy liked me, because I felt like a beast (hahaha). But now, I am the beast of the party, only I don’t know it!!

At least I am a happy beast… maybe that is it; as one get older (and in my case uglier) perception shifts and one can be whatever one wishes to be. Too bad for heartbreaking Facebook tags, they don’t keep up the lies.

Anyway, I was remembering all of this, because I saw a gorgeous painting by Jeremiah Ketner (Small and Round). I was amazed at how soft and calm the girl in the image looks, and it made me wonder about beauty; what it really means and if you could have it both ways: be attractive for yourself and a beast to Facebook, or if ever someone else saw me as I see myself in the mirror… then I decided to stop thinking about such fruitless things an just do a post about his work.

Here is the piece that started my nonsense trip down vanity lane:

Parlay of flowers

The Pairing

Autumn Slumber

soft tones

Jeremiah Ketner lives in Chicago (USA), is male and taken. He has been part of many (MANY) shows, so it’s not like I made a super underground discovery… but I needed to post his things! They are so lovely and perfect!

If you want more of his paintings you can visit his official website (here), his blog (here) or his Flickr Photostream (here).
Or! Buy me something! (or yourself...whatever) at his shop (Here)


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