Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amy Millan for a Tuesday

Hello there!
Well no, I did not fall into a coma nor I am dead; my computer however kind of is, and around this house getting Internet time has been a pain (I am at the moment stealing some time on my father’s computer)

Sorry for not posting for so long, you guys have no idea how annoying it’s for me to be unable to do the research and writing necessary everyday. I hope the shop tells me it’s no big deal and that within a week things will be fine and back to normal… however of course this is my life, and in my life things tend to not go according to my hopeful plans.

We will have to see.

Oh! I didn’t tell you, I have my camera! It is amazingly beautiful, the pictures it takes are breathtaking and I am über in love with it; She (my camera is a girl) has been helpful these days of no computer.

Now a song, this is Amy Millan with Bury This (video directed by Anthony Seck)

I must go now! They want me to evacuate this computer!

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