Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A post of Simona Cordero from Writer's Boot Camp

Well now I am writing from a really old computer; the one I bought for my trip to Uruguay, about seven years ago and let me tell you something, maybe seven years for a couch or, I don't know, a volcano is not much, but for a laptop, like for a puppy, is a lot. Specially when for the whole time I lived in Montevideo it was used by most of my friends for homework, entertainment and as the official party-jukebox.

But at least it still has Notepad and access to the Internet; that is pretty much all I need from it, anyway. Sure it is slow and really noisy but, for today, it's home.

So, forgive me a little if this post is more of a mess than usual, it is rather hard to concentrate under such circumstances (the computer having its issues, the mouse acting up, the cat jumping on me...), plus I think I am in the middle of a life crisis, a mental breakdown, a mental breakthrough, a caffeine overdose and a super fine day; I am not sure how I can manage to have all of those at the same time, but I am making it work (and making it look sexy).

Today I thought I would do first the featured artist and later the song part, why? because I am feeling that crazy*, no rules for this Wednesday!
So hold on, 'cause here we go!!

As I was writing this intro I had no idea who to post about, but I think I just found her; her name Simona Codero (a lovely and elegant name for a classy lady) she is from Italy and does incredible paintings. That is pretty much all the information I could gather of her, remember that today I am dealing with several handicaps to do my usual stalking and spying.

But I think we can manage with little info on her, as long as I tell you that you can (and that you probably should) visit her Flickr Photostream (here) because it is filled with a rather amazing collection of painting, some of them inspired by classic novels and tales like Peter and the Wolf, The Little Match Seller, Hansel and Gretel, etc. (so you might find a great piece inspired by one of you favorite stories).

In the meantime have a look at my favorite ones from her:

red medals

Chaise longue



daylight bat

* And because if I ask this computer to play music it will probably die on me.

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