Friday, August 13, 2010

Dntel on a sneaky Friday!

It’s Friday!!

I didn’t know! I have no idea how I lost a whole day of my life… but I think since Tuesday I have been off about what day I was in; I know, It speaks really ill of my life style, but well, finding out on a Thursday night that you are about to enter into a fantastic new Friday, it’s not so bad.

Plans for the weekend? Yes, sure. Probably a movie night, maybe a family meal (The Mexican way; which means most of my uncles, aunts and cousins will be there, fun!*) and peut-être un wedding (sadly not mine, but still; free drinks and food! Yay!).

Hope you have happy plans for the days to come, if not**, well at least for now you will have a cute song!

Here is Dntel ft. Arthur & Yu with The Distance (video directed by Adam Bizanski)

* The only bad thing is that I have to come up with a proper response to: "So Amaranta, what are you doing with your life?" … "Being a blogger and forgetting what day it is" as an answer would probably break grandma’s heart.

**And make plans! Go out! Take the dog out! Don’t have a dog? Well go buy one! Rent a good movie! Or a bad one and get drunk before hitting Play! Write me a comment! Read all my old posts (super fun!!) and send me and e-mail to let me know how much you like me, Or buy me a gift! or buy the girl/boy you like a gift! Have fun! It’s Friday!

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