Friday, August 13, 2010

Daniel Mendoza and my Trouble-Free Day.

Funny how some days are a mess (a big chaotic make-you-want-to-cry-and-hit-someone mess) and then, other days thing happen without any great distress. Some days things are simply happy and normal; compared to yesterday, today is pure gold. Today, most things have gone according to plan; a pandemonium free Friday. I guess it’s life’s way of saying “I know you are not the best, but I understand you are not the worst, so for today I will back off, after all, this is not a Chuck Palahniuk novel

And so, in this Friday, things have been going smoothly; for example, in less than 30 minutes of searching around the web and spying on Facebook I had already found an artist to feature. Other things happened, but as I was writing them down, I realized that well: my life is kind of a bore… so I will not waste your time with my recount of a simple day.

Let’s go to today’s post:

When I saw Daniel Mendoza’s drawings at first I thought they were images from a storyboard, because they all seem to show just a glimpse of some bigger, strange and amazing story, but no, that is just how he likes to draw; he exposes isolated moments of interesting characters, which I find to be charming and captivating.

I can give you little information on him, besides this: He is from (or at least, lives in) Canada, he is male, he draws and he has a Flickr account. I tried cheating this shy guy’s system by searching the web for more info of him, but!! Do you have any idea how many Daniel Mendozas there are in the world?!! I now I do: Many!

Have a look at what made me skip the crazy line and Google his name:

A Loving Embrace

Hermit Blues

Do visit his Flickr Photostream (Here) to look at more of his great pieces.

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