Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elsa Mora and the things I would never be able to do.

This post I was about to finish yesterday but I found out that my English decreases exponentially each hour after 7 pm; I don’t know, I guess most my nights are meant to be in Spanish. So, because I didn’t want to post something awful I left it for today (In the next post I will try and explain more of what happened yesterday, but in this one I will stop it here with the pretexts).

This post is about Elsa Mora (Elsita) and it starts here:

Some time ago I found her work while I was losing time on the web; it was long before I had this blog, so there was little for me to do with her lovely images, I just sent her links to a close friend and called it a day. But, this week, thanks to the magic of links and time to spare, I came across her blog once again. I was so happy; her work is so post worthy, so stunning.

Elsa Mora is a multimedia artist from Cuba, mother of two, wife of one. She lives in California and her work is pure and amazing. For this post I took the liberty to take pieces only the work filed under: “papercutting”, however she does incredible dolls and also ceramics, I do encourage you to take a look on her web pages, because all her pieces are beautiful.

Here are my picks:


Bird Conversation

Por Dentro (detail)

Paper Sculpture (Red and White)

I have been clumsy all my life, so I have no idea how one can start to do such delicate work. How can one even begin to thing in contrast? (What stays? what is cut out? How the final structure will look?). I don’t know; I will try it for sure, one day, when I buy a real nice X-Acto knife, but I am pretty certain my pieces will be much rougher and splashed with lovely specks of blood (knife and I have a complicated relationship).

For now, I will continue to admire Mora’s work, you can too if you want to; for more of her paper art you can visit her blog about papercutting (Here).

If you want to see a healthy mix of all of her work you can go to her Flickr Photostream (Here) or her main blog (Here), or visit her Dolls Have Feelings Too blog to look at her marvelous handmade dolls (Here).

And if you have some extra money, you can go to her Etsy shop (Here)... buy me something, I'll pay you later (no I won't, but still, you can buy me something, or don't, it's OK).

Rain Girl :)

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  1. Thank you Amaranta for this post :)
    I'm sure that you could create great papercuts, it's such a fun art form.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Elsita :)