Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thank you, Julianna Swaney

As I told you in the last post I am having a some pains on my hand and so I was about to take the day off from blogging, but I decided to give it a shot; my left hand is the one that hurts and since I use my mouse with the right one (like, I guest, most people), I can still stay active in the searching and spying part of this posting process.

Since today was a rather hard day I thought to add no more pressure to my life, if something special came along I could add it to my to-post list or write about it, if nothing came, no harm done. After all I was active all day: buying medicines and stuff people need after surgery, going for groceries, buying my brother a little gift, taking grandma to her house. I was productive, just not in the writing department (I did, however, excelled in the not-fainting-in-the-hospital department).

So here I was, cruising the Web without a strong agenda; when I came across the lovely drawings of Julianna Swaney (Oh My Cavalier!) and I thought that, for them, I could ignore a little pain and write a post.

Her pieces are just so heavenly and simple; no fuss no chaos, just elegant and splendid drawings with soft watercolors. Yes, my mood affects tremendously mi pick of featured artist and for this night; the night of a long day filled with hard emotions, Julianna Swaney gave me exactly what I needed: delicate beauty.

That is all I could ask for, a little reminder that calm and pleasurable days do exist and that maybe soon I could be in the middle of one. For now, I will try and sleep and you go ahead and take a look at what Swaney does:

Maybe I'll Just Marry The Sky


A span of oXen


If you want more from her you can go to her web site (Here), her drawing blog (Here), her Flickr Photostream (Here).
Or! for some shopping! go to her Etsy shop (Here) or her Bigcartel shop (Here)

A Collection

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