Thursday, August 5, 2010

My left hand, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

So I woke up today, after having the most crazy and intense party dream, to find my left hand in terrible pain, it has happened once before, I think something inside my wrist is pinching a nerve (super frustrating and painful). The last time it happened my favorite cousin did some trick to my hand it alleviated the problem; my favorite cousin seems to share most of my illnesses so many time when I experience a weird pains he already has figured out what to do to fix them.

Anyway, he lives far away from here, so there will be no magic rub for me, at least not today.

And why oh why, did my wrist decide that it was time to pinch a nerve? Well, stress. I am that kind of person, you put some strain on me and I find a physical way to rebel against, me. That’s how I roll.

So, you want to break up with me? Fine, it’s your lost (then I puke).
The dog died? Ok, well, that’s life (sick in bed, unable to eat, for 3 days)
Moving in with my boyfriend! Yay! (Four-day rash all over my body)

And well, today my father had minor surgery (really fast and uncomplicated one); so of course I woke up unable to move my hand. Because my mind skipped the "minor" part and concentrated on the "surgery" aspect, my body had to do something about that! My body can’t let my mind worry in vain; it needs to be its companionship, it needs to create a complementary ache.

So here we are; father in bed rest, mother doing everything trying to make his day merry, brother celebrating probably the worst birthday of his life, the dog watching it all from the outside, the cat liking his body, grandma hating on her nurse, the nurse eating some cookies and I in all my neurotic splendor.

Now, some music so I can get out of my funk.

Here is Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton with Dr. Blind

* Directed by Jaron Albertin

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