Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kelly Vivanco's Patience and my lack of.

So I went out for coffee with friends, I am supposed to do that to forget the fact that my boyfriend lives the wide of the continent away; yes, I am kind of bitter right now. The coffee thing went great; I love my friends and I love coffee, nothing can go wrong there, but somehow, it did nothing to make me feel like my usual self.

I’m OK now, I think writing helps*; turning my computer on, going on the look for some cute painting, trying to explain my fury to you without sounding like a sad little person, it’s nice, it takes my head away from any problems. I was lucky, by the way, I few clicks on Flickr and I was able to find her.

Who you ask? Well, her:


Fitting, no?

It was made by Kelly Vivanco, an American artist that lives not too far from where I am staying right now. And besides that one, Vivanco has many other marvelous paintings; most of them featuring lovely girls, cute animals or a mix of both.

I picked 5 of them that I really loved, but maybe you should go and take a look at her whole collection, because I just noticed that in all my picks the subjects are looking away (what would Freud say about that?**). Perhaps you can go, have a look and find the ones that better suit your mood.

They are all lovely, I think, so even if my 5 picks say a lot about my state of mind, I do believe they say much more about the talent and imagination of Vivanco.

Have a look:



Keep Watch

Rabbit Ears

If you want to explore more of Kelly Vivanco’s art (and I think that would be a nice idea) you can visit her official web site (Here), her Flickr Photostream (Here) and if you are ready to commit take a look at her shop and, well, shop! (Here)

* Also my BFF was online on Messenger, and annoying the heck out of him with my lame drama was really funny; he made things better. Thanks BFF, you won yourself a brownie.
** Surely something sexual and confusing related to my childhood.

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