Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little post for Lun Chang

I just found the illustrations of Lun Chang, she is a freelancer from Taiwan and has the most amazing sweet, beautiful and simple pieces, I am in complete love; the downside is that she has little personal information on her Flickr profile and I was unable to find more about her on the web, but still, she is ultra worth the post:

不要聽信你所聽見的 不要相信你所看見的

飛起來 給我飛!!


I want my walls, well the walls of my future home to be filled with her work! I am crazy for the bright colors, the super cute girls and the little hints of humor (LOVE!!). She is really good.
You MUST visit her Flickr Photostream to have a look at her images, go (here) and have fun!

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