Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chew Lips, get married and adopt!

So I found this song, and I am loving it (only the girl in the video makes me feel so uncool), I am so happy that the song is called Karen, because Karen is the name of a good friend. One of those girls that truly only brings joy to my life and no drama, and at 27 I have come to learn that those friends (especially if talking about a gal) are really to be cherished.

(so here is to you, lovely, Karen!)

The first time I saw the video I thought that the boy was actually a flat-chested girl and that this was the hippest thing around, so European! Go lesbian love! But no, it’s a guy (go non-lesbian love!); Still is a super cool video.

…By the way, I don’t usually go political on this blog, but I just wanted to comment that Mexico recently legally accepted same-sex marriages and their rights to adopt, and this makes me, and many others, really happy. Sure there has been chaos around the law and a lot of nasty public comments, and I am sure that many will continue to discriminate and hate on homosexuals, bisexuals and their families, but at least now we have good laws to protect their civil rights and liberties (and that can only be a good thing).

So yes, the song is named Karen and it’s from Chew Lips (video directed by Tabitha Denholm and Tom Beard)

Sorry if you don’t share my feelings on this gay marriage and adoption issue; I never want to push my ideas on someone (you are free to think and believe whatever you want, this blog is not about legal or moral stands), but this was something that made me really cheerful and I wanted to let the Web* know.

* The World Wide Web (www).

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