Monday, August 23, 2010

Lorissa Shepstone on the Best Monday in 10 years!

I guess I can now officially tell you all that... My mother is giving me a digital SLR camera for my birthday!!! and that can be considered the best gift anyone has given me in about 10 years!!! (I just ordered it!!!!).

I love photography; for about two years now, I have been experimenting with little touristy digital cameras and although they now have a fond place in my heart, they truly don’t allow for much decision making in concerns of time of exposure, focus and other variables. So, a better camera has been on my wish list for quite some time.

Of course, since I have been poor for almost all my adult life, well, buying a nice anything was out of the question, getting it from my parents feels somehow dirty, I am too old for such gifts, but I must admit I didn’t argue with them for much time before saying “OK, OK, you can buy it for me, thanks”; I don’t think I deserve the camera, I don’t know if my talent as a photographer warrants it, but still, I will take it and try to make my mom proud.

So, because I have been day dreaming with my new camera for about a week, I have been also spying on many photographers to get an idea, of what I am supposed to do once I have my hands dirty hands on it. And well, as I was using StumbleUpon to browse everything under the Photography tag, I was lucky to find Lorissa Shepstone’s Web Site: Apparently Nothing.

There was something about her photography that instantly attracted me; if you have ever used StumbleUpon you know how easily one can get jaded and keep on clicking the Stumble button to skip to the next site, without much care for the page one just visited, so it’s a great feat for an image to not only capture your attention but also get you to start wondering and caring about the photographer responsible for it. Well, her first picture did that for me and by the second I was ready to post about her.

I started to spy more of her pages and to look for info on her. Turns out she is originally from Durban, South Africa and now lives in the UK. She is a web designer and the co-founder of Being Wicked (a web design and development studio).

I love that she takes pictures of so many things and with different cameras, she keeps experimenting with whatever calls her attention, plus all her images are so distinct one from another, she creates a whole new tone and experience for each of them, I am truly in love with her taste. I find her images to be so soft and beautiful, I ultra love them, have a look:

the baker

urban swan

dusty rose

pears from above

If you like her work just as I did and you want some more of her, you can visit her photography web site (here), her blog (here) and/or her Flickr Photostream (here).

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