Monday, August 23, 2010

A Song by Matt and Kim after a Nice Weekend

Good Monday!

How was your weekend?
I do hope it was fun and exciting!

Mine? well mine was rather enjoyable, I had a weekend in San Diego, California; I went to an almost-free Weezer concert with my best friend and her boyfriend, it was really cool, a different thing to do on a Saturday (at leas for me); the following day us girls did a lazy Sunday morning of watching wedding related shows on TV (and thanking life for our sanity and freedom), some bathing suit shopping followed by the obvious hanging by the pool and swimming (good times).

Dinner was some delicious Pho and dessert frozen yogurt. A perfect Sunday; well at least until I got back to Mexico and all hell broke loose, I had a panicky hour straight out from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (directed by Chris Columbus) only I was lost in Tijuana and there was no cheery Christmas theme on the background.

At the end it all worked out fine and I got a really funny story out of it (I cannot tell you the story, because that would be exposing a friend and his actions, but it was funny).

Now! Some music to start the week!

This are Matt and Kim with Lessons Learned (Directed by Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault)

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