Thursday, August 19, 2010

Noferin for a Good Thursday

Today I am having the worst writer’s block; it’s almost official my mother might give me the best present EVER and all the happiness that this even is producing is making me unable to think straight.

Whenever I am hazy like this I get really frustrated because finding someone new to post about is really hard; I look around Etsy, the Web and Flickr and I do like many things, but nothing makes the wheels spin, no words come to me. It is a really horrible feeling, I start to feel dumb, to doubt my future in the writing business* and to understand my parent’s disappointment.

But then! After various random and clumsy drafts, I remembered that just because an artist is not new to me it doesn’t mean I can’t post about him or her! Plus! If I have previously enjoyed his or her art, most likely, I already have a little review of it inside my head!

So with that! I give you! The post about Noferin!!

Noferin is the teamwork of husband Nick (writer and sculptor) and wife Candy (graphic designer). When I first saw a painting by them I was lost; it was love, no need for names, no need for formalities, I was theirs. I think that was about 3 years ago, and from that day onward I have been adoring all of their work.

They have a combination of wooden toys, plush dolls and ultra lovely paintings and drawings; if I had all the money I needed I would buy every single piece and object I could get my hand on.

I did a selection of only their paintings, because I hate to mix art and pictures of objects in the same post (I am picky that way), but of course you must (must!) visit their links so you can enjoy the full spectrum of their work.

Here are 5 of my faves:

In which Pandacake learns to swing

In which Milo feels the sand between his toes

In which the forest gets a spring clean

In which the peak is in view

I am completely bananas for their new wooden toys Jibibuts; to have a look at them and other ultra cute toys, go (here).
And for more of their art and products you can go to their official web site (here) and/or to their their Flickr Photostream (here)

In which Fanelli soars through the petals

* Yes, yes, as dorky as it sounds, I do tend to believe there is a small future in it for me; obviously not in the money part of the business, more in the sense of making a difference in two or three lives (most likely family members) and publish at least 3 things.

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