Friday, August 20, 2010

The Drums and a Post about Something that I Don’t Necessarily Love

If you are ever considering dating a surfer (and you don’t surf) before making anything official go and watch Point Break (directed by Kathryn Bigelow), then consider other non-surfer dating options; if all fails in convincing your heart to go on another route, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sure, surfers are nice overall, I get it, they do have incredible bodies, messy wet hair and amazing tanned and salty skin; they are nature lovers, know about meteorological events happening all around the world and do plan vacations to exotic places... but believe me, if you are not a morning person, no into surfing yourself and not crazy about ignoring all plans and events just because there are good waves somewhere near; you have no business dating a surfer.

You will only end up bitter, frustrated and doing useless posts trying to warn others about the surfer-dating dilemma; Useless because, let’s face it, tanned and salty will beat your sanity and knowledge any day of the week (twice on a lazy Sunday)…

Yeah, surfers… they are nice…

So here is to all those lovely surfers out there, you keep doing your thing! Keep being cool with your aloof attitude towards all things non-surfing related and your golden remarkable bodies; we will keep lusting over you from a far (unless… you allow us to come near).

That song was by The Drums and it’s is called Let's Go Surfing (video directed by David Fishel)

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