Thursday, September 2, 2010

Astrid Yskout for a Driven Thursday.

For today I knew exactly what I wanted and I woke up willing to search the whole Web in order to find it, sure I am posting late in the afternoon, but well, sometimes things take longer than expected… so, what I wanted was simple, no so much simple as well defined: rough lines, odd characters, a sense of humor, dark colors and beauty; there, that was it.

I turned the computer on and with all my knowledge in stalking and spying, armed with coffee and time I searched (and searched, and searched) until! Voilà! Astrid Yskout from Belgium!

Now, I don’t have much information on her, I did look around the Web and she has been featured in many other blogs and online magazines (I guess many others woke up one day wanting rough lines, odd characters, a sense of humor... etc, etc), but there was little extra information on her life or work. However you can, and should, go to her Flickr Photostream (here) to browse around and love her pieces, because you will, love them, I know.

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  1. Hey! solo para decir que me recordó a Mel Kedel -seguro la conoces- y si no: