Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fan Death and... My Life?

And so I am back!
Yes, I know, you didn’t even notice that I was gone! But I was (gone) and I really missed blogging,

My computer is still not ready, but it is on its way back! Funny no know that something you own is traveling around California all by itself.

I don’t think I commented this before, but the guy at BestBuy was super sweet and helpful, I was considering telling him to give me a call if he ever came back to Mexico (because he told me about little trips he made, here, to my hometown), but then I thought that that would probably be considered hitting on him and I didn’t go for it.

Yeah, I know! Crazy life! How did you ever manage without my adventures!?

I am sorry, I am ultra sleepy, I can’t think straight; let me get some coffee, and I will be back.

Here is Fan Death with Reunited (video directed by Directed by Dandilion Wind Opaine)

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