Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fanfarlo and a One out of Three.

I guess if one must find happy thoughts in unhappy moments: Breaking up makes you lose weight.
Yes, somehow, I have lost some of that Crème brûlée ice cream that got comfy in my thighs and arms. I didn’t notice it. Actually, lately I was thinking that my body was looking rather awful, but, yesterday three guys told me that I had lost some pound. Two of them sounded alarmed and worried, the third seemed to like it; one out of three, not bad.

I don’t really care. I mean, it’s nice to not be on a diet and lose some pounds, but it’s just weight; Skin, fat and numbers. Sure, maybe, once I get the courage to date, it will feel nice to fit into something Small, but right now, well, it’s non-important.

Also, if you think about it; two thirds of the guys that noticed my change in size, were concerned about my health, so I probably don’t look that sexy: dark circles around the eyes, pale and dry skin, etc… maybe that third guy has some issues.

Now I song for you! And I will go and have lunch!

This is Fanfarlo with Harold T. Wilkins (video directed by Stachemou)

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