Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, hello! And how are you today?

I need to do a fast recap so you will get the importance of today’s news. Here I go: so, I was living in Florida; that is where this blog started (because I was bored and somewhat alone). I am Mexican so staying in the USA involved a wedding… I am now in Mexico… yeah, no wedding (thank the Lord!).

After 18 months of dreamlike life (writing, swimming, taking pictures, baking cupcakes), I was rudely awakened by reality: No job, no home, no real plans, no man, two blogs and a silly tourist camera.

The camera thing got solved with a super sweet gift by my mother (now I have Lolita!); The two blogs continue (only both will possibly suffer a little in the next few months, sorry). The no-man thing well I just have to be OK with that, not much I can do about it.

But! (And these are today’s news!) For the No job, no home, no real plans part of the dilemma! I now have an exit rout! I am moving to Mexico City!!

I know this probably means nothing to you, but it is a big deal for me. Mexico City is a huge (HUGE) metropolitan area where fun and exciting things happen, and where I might be able to get my life together. I am moving with and Aunt and an Uncle that live there, I love their home (they are ultra funny, interesting and lovely people) and well, of course, I always had a major crush with the city itself (I spent some fantastic vacations, in my youth, there).

So, how about that?! In about a week this blog will be done from a new town!! Isn’t that fun?

Here is a promotional video of the city that one of my best friends sent me (to get me in the moving groove). It was directed by Luis Mandoki and Mariana Rodríguez, with music by Alejandro Castaños).


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