Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michael Shapcott's Paintings and Some Chitchat about Michael Shapcott

Nop, I did not forget about you guys, I just had a three-hour-long headache and well, writing is never good when you head is full of ache. It is ending right now and that is just perfect, because about four minutes ago I found the work of Michael Shapcott and I am ready to commit to it.

I truly believe that you will find his work to be astonishing; such serious faces with a splash of funky colors, you’ll feel hunted and happy at the same time. You will want to talk with the girls and boys from his paintings, wrap a little blanket around them, give them some hot cocoa  with tiny marshmallows in it and, then, you’ll want to go and kiss the painter, to tell him that, if he so desires, you will stay by his side forever (and ever)…

No? You don’t feel that last part? Well, silly you and your sane mind… anyway, about the painter:

Michael Shapcott was born in 1982 in Hartford, Connecticut (USA). He is, of course, a gifted painter and has had many solo and group exhibitions, plus, right now he is making me rather uncomfortable about being his same age; too much talent for a mere 28 years of living (but I will have to get over that, just as I will, eventually, get over wanting to live with him).

His web page (here) is amazing because, in it, there is useful information on his creative process and painting stile; I like that, I like that he is not mysterious and secretive about his work or thoughts. He even has an Ask Me Anything page (here), nice, no? Available to fans and stalkers (like yours truly).

I was only able to post images from his Flickr Photostream (here), where there is a small selection of his work, but if you go to the portfolio on his web page (here) you will find and endearing assortment of paintings and drawings, that I am sure you will love. 

OK, so, enough with the teasing and let’s get to the good stuff:

Pele (Graphite / Oil on Canvas)

Tea Sketch No. 1 (Carbon, Acrylic, and Ink on tea stained paper)

Seaweed (Acrylic and Ink on Paper)

Jane (Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas)

And if you are lucky to have, both, money and good taste you can visit his shop section (here) and shop! ... by the way, my birthday is in a week; just saying.

Dahlia (Colored Pencil and Acrylic on Illustration Board)

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