Thursday, September 23, 2010

Noah and the Whale/Grandma and the Fruits.

So, Facebook is down, isn’t that magical? Is like when power goes out and you are forced to spend time around a candle talking with your family or friends (cheesy-cute life moments). Only, different, because my friends are in Facebook and at home I am surrounded by nurses, grandma (who is ill and has no idea who I am) and the noise of the television (it has to be on the highest volume levels because grandma can’t, otherwise, hear it).

By the way (funny), the show that they are watching is the Mexican version of Family Feud, so as I am writing this, grandma and one of the nurses are screaming random names of fruits to the television (Name the firsts fruits babies can eat) and discussing whether they had thought of a word before the contestants or if someone’s answer was silly or stupid. Now they have moved on to another question; it’s the same scene only different a subject.

So, since there is, truly, nothing outside the Web for me (besides joining the screaming squad), I decided to stop being lazy and do some posts.

To start, her is song and I’ll be back with an artist.
This is Noah and the Whale with Shape of My Heart

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