Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Serendipity and Melissa Haslam

Serendipity is finding something when you originally where looking for something else. Now that we have that clear, we can begin…

I was in Facebook looking around for gossip, weekend events and funny comments, but instead I found the work of a rather interesting artist. It turns out that I have friends that instead of posting about how much the hate their work/lives/boss/ex partners/the global economy/the killing of pandas/etc. they take their time to post about the artist they adore.

This one comes from the files of my brother’s girlfriend. Her name is Melissa Haslam (I am now talking about the painter, not my brother’s girlfriend) she is from (or at least lives now in) Melbourne Australia. Here I have selected a few paintings and drawings that I could steal from her Flickr Photostream (this one), but I do encourage you to visit her blog (here) because there you will find a wider variety of her work, and she does have some really beautiful pieces.

Here are my picks:

Cat and Mouse (oil on canvas)

art_honey_hive (graphite, tea, watercolour)

Finding a pink rabbit inthe flowering undergrowth (oil on wood)

Moths (oil on canvas)

You can also visit her official web site (here)

Nymphs (graphite on paper)

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