Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Slow Club and a Facebook anecdote.

Hello there!
Something funny happened today. I have a Facebook account and in it I have a class picture from way back when all of my classmates and I were about 14 or 15 years old, so an approximately 13 year-old picture. In it I had tagged about 8 friends that I still, kind of, keep in contact with.

A few weeks back, someone tagged another one of the faces in it, then days later one more was tagged. You know how it works: I kept in contact with eight, one of them kept in contact with a ninth and tagged him, then that guy tagged two more… a little domino effect was put into motion.

I was in a public school, which means that in the picture there are about 50 adolescent and joyful individuals (Yes, about 50, you read right; don’t ask me why, ask the Secretaria de Educación Pública, SEP), and today, in about one hour, the number of tagged people went up to 20! (21, Rodrigo was just added), So, OK, four things:

1. Nobody really goes to work and works, Right?! I mean, I am unemployed and ashamed of it, but if I had work, would I be tagging people on Facebook, commenting on a picture and then collecting my check? I think not!

2. I believe I just lost about two hours of my day, reading silly comments and answering questions; I am not so happy about that.

3. Is it not just my luck, that when my life is completely upside down is when a massive tagging and wave of new-friend-adding comes along!!?? New Facebook friend, that once were old classroom buddies, ask obvious questions!!!

─ So, where do you work?
Humm, I am unemployed right now.
Facebook friend And where do you live?
Well, I am staying with my parents for a while…
Oh, so, not married? No children?
Nop, nop.

Nobody ask: “Are you happy? Fulfilled with your life?” And I am not, by any means, but I could answer those questions with lies (it's harder to pretend that I have a husband, that I am somebody's boss or to come up with an apartment they could visit).

4. I hope nobody else is tagged until I get something I can brag about (come on life! give me something!)

A song!
Slow Club with Giving Up On Love (Video directed by Lucy Needs).


  1. You run a pretty fantastic blog! :)

  2. Thank you so much!! : )
    I did told a few of them about it, I am actually happy with how messy my life is... messy means change; only not everyone get's it.