Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miki Sato and her lovely work.

For today I needed something relaxing; nice, charming art that I could simply love and desire. So I went it search for it, because that is how life works (I am starting to get it).

It was not so hard to find, I must say; I guess it’s was part of today's luck. I have been in a weird type of day; those in which you sort of wonder if something terrible is going to happen at the end, because things have been running extra smoothly. Sure, I had to admit my unemployment and lack of (mainstream’s version of) life to some ex classroom friends, but aside from that, things have been going just dandy. After a few clicking around I entered into Miki Sato’s web site, I was delighted.

Miki Sato is from Canada and in her work she layers various types of fabrics and materials to give her pieces depth and warmth. I think you will find her to be rather talented, have a look:



"I'm sorry to say"


Lovely is it not? If you fancy more of her work you can visit her web site (here), her Flickr Photostream (here), her blog (here).
And if you feel like spending some money you can visit her Etsy shop (here).

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