Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lili Scratchy and the Downfall of Moving Around.

I hate that, now, because of my constant moving around I am truly hesitant of buying anything that might break if you carry it around on a suitcase or that weights too much to mail forward to a new destination. I have learned my lesson; I have left behind too many fantastic ceramic toys and figurines to not get it: Until I have a place to call my home I won’t be doing any major shopping.

That is why this post is so hard to write, because it is about a shop of incredibly cute and out of the ordinary things that I just can’t buy! Not only because I am extremely poor, but because if I was to save money, order what I want and then fracture it on a future move: I would be crushed.

However, I am here as a blogger and not a shopper, and hopefully you have a stable life and will be able to take advantage of your money and invariable mailing address to order a little something special.

The store is called Lili Scratchy; their home base is in France but you can order their pieces on Big Cartel (Here) and, also, if you are interested, they are represented by Costume 3 Pièces (here).

cuillère double face
tasses bouboules
goutte ours

You can have a look at more of Lili Scratchy’s work at their Flickr Photostream (here) and their blog (here)
(I need a home… fast!)

coffee spoon

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