Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ericka Lugo and a Post I Wrote Friday Night.

Being Friday and having no plans of going out, I felt it was a great day to post about a little crush I have; this is of course a professional infatuation, from a blogger to an artist. Otherwise it would be somewhat of a lesbian affair, because the artist I am talking about is Ericka Lugo (a gal).

Some time ago I happened to stumble upon her Flickr Photostream and I completely fell for most of her pieces, but I decided to wait a little to do her post, because she did not have a lot of personal information on her profile.

Today, since I was free, I decided to search de Web (the World Wide Web that is) for more info on her… and! I was lucky to find her blog! (Well, it was more like the magic of Google than luck). Now, I can do her post; because I have done my proper research/stalking.

She is a freelance illustrator from Puerto Rico and here are my five picks of her pieces: 

Fall into the rythm
You may say anything

And here are links to her Flickr Photostream (here) and blog (here); where you will find more of her great work.

Vanity Fair

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