Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mike Mitchell Brought Me Back.

Hi, I have been gone for a long time haven’t I? I am sorry, it’s just that I do have a lot of work lately  (which is good, only I don’t get paid that much, which it not so good, but just how things are), also I have been writing my novel for the National Novel Writing Month (I have 34,479, of the 50,000, words down).

So, yeah, sorry, being a professional blogger has turned into a being a casual and messy blogger.
Anyways, I am here and I brought an artist with me!! Isn’t that fun?!
I was clicking around in the web, resting my brain after editing some texts, and! There he was!!!
His name is Mike Mitchell, he lives in Los Angeles (USA) and has a weird sense of humor. I liked his illustrations because most of them have a hint (or a big splash) of pop culture references and right now I am kind of missing my geeky group of friends, from back home.

Ok, this guy is no new face; he has worked for various, big, companies, and I do understand why, his pieces are just fun and chaotic, I am sure, that many of you, like me, will love them.
I picked my fave 5 from his collections, but do drop bye his website (here) to have a look at more of his work.

Fantastic Journey 
Self Portrait 
Mr. Bunners the Rabbit Master 
Balloon Boy
Also! if you have some money to spend, you can visit his shop! (Here) And get yourself a lovely print, a t-shirt or, maybe, buy your tired-and-overworked favorite blogger something special for Christmas (It's never too early to start your holiday shopping!).

Death of Neon 


  1. I totally understand about not getting paid a bunch! Congrats on how many words you have written-I told myself I would do that this year but Alas, maybe next :P I did enjoy the letter from Limony Snicket though, did you get that in your inbox? Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sorry for taking so long to answer. Thank you so much for your words, at the time they did help a lot to get to the 50,000-words mark.
    I did finish on time, the only bad thing is that I now have to edit the whole thing, and to tell the truth I am kind of sick of that work! hahaha I guess writing a novel is just not my thing hahaha. But do try it, it es an amazing experience; I did got the face the fact that with a little less parties, I could do a lot more of writing. Thanks, again!