Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Temper Trap with Love Lost (and My Holliday Spirit Found)

Hello there! How are you!?

Today I am extremely happy. I don’t know, I had kind of a rough day, yesterday my night was full of the most awful nightmares and today’s work load was rather tedious, however after 6 pm things started to look up, I had the opportunity to assist to a radio show taping and I got some really nice news.

I am really a nerd, so going to a radio station and all those types of things always cheer me up; I studied communications because I am completely in love with all the “behind the scene” parts of making a play, a program or a movie; I love to see people of the Media hard at work, so yeah, that part was cool.

But!!! The coolest part was that I got told that I would, in fact, make it home for Christmas! Yay December!

I must admit I am not the most filled-with-Holliday-joy person in the world, I love the food, and I don’t hate presents, but the reality is that, normally, I don’t mind being far away from home on the celebrations. I don’t think that Family is a one or two day event, I love my relatives the same the whole year round, and sometimes, I do believe, that the craziness of the Holidays bring out a rather nasty side in people, especially when they are trapped on the same house for more than a week.

But, well, this year, it has been a really weird and hard one. I started off in Florida, happy and eating tons of seafood, then not so happy because my visa was about to expire, later came Baja (Mexico) and I was not so optimistic about the future, but 3 months of friends and über fun weekends shook off the “not so” out of “not so optimistic” and, I came content to Mexico City, to look for whatever I am supposed to find in life.

Yeah, after twelve months of that, I can say that going home for the Holidays sounds like a nice and calm way of ending 2010 and starting 2011; a year that I imagine will be just as hectic as this one. So, I am happy!

I do hope that in your life, your December plans are also starting to take a joyful form!

After all of that… I have a song with and amazing video! Hope you love it!

This is The Temper Trap with Love Lost (Directed by Dougal Wilson)

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