Friday, June 11, 2010

Fe de erratas

I just searched, and there is no good translation for Fe de Erratas; it is normally used in the Spanish printing world as an introduction to a small, unintended, error; A correction done on a later edition.

Well I have to do my own Fe de Erratas right now, even though it is not the smallest of mistake, yesterday I published a list of magnificent necklaces, in that list came the work of Sara Aires. Well in my description I said her work was knitted and it is actually all made from crochet.

I never intended to do a poor description of her great work; I guess the only explanation is that in Spanish knitted can be used as a synonym to all the work done with some type of thread. I am really sorry, sometimes I don’t notice that I am thinking in the wrong language.

Thanks to Sara Aires’ correction I was able to open up the Crochet category, and I will soon go back to older posts and see if I have made similar mistakes.

Amaranta Guevara.

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