Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi! It’s Friday!!

We made it another week!!! Yay! Yay!
Well, I am especially happy this Friday, because tomorrow I will be mingling amongst the nerds. I am going to Comic Con!!!!! And then after I have done all my dorking around, I will be attending a cool party for Errez.

So, I think this weekend will be a rather good one. No girl drama, no boy drama*. Just freebies, Redbull and friends.

I wanted to post a happy song today or at least something danceable, but it is easier to find a sad, melancholic, slow song than it is to find joy on the Web… So I did a rather smart thing: I asked Errez for his favorite song (today it is his birthday, so I can get away with it if I call it an in-your-honor-post).

And here it is: In your honor Errez! Bob Dylan and his cool friends with My back pages. I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

And yes, the video is not the best quality and obviously stolen from some T.V. broadcast, but well... that's life! hahahaha I do try to stay on the good side of the posting world, but not everyday one can be square and good.

* Amazing that boy and girl drama is still present at my 27 years of age!!! Silly little life, I just want to be at peace!

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