Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Julie Doiron and my friends

Let me tell you something that is true, I have a real problem making girl friends. I was thinking about it really hard the other day, I mean, why is it that I have a problem with girls but not guys? The obvious answer (if you don’t know me) would be: because you are hot and guys are after other non-friendship related dealings. But I am not hot, I can assure you (I am not crazy ugly either I have my good days, I think, but not hot for sure).

I have come to accept that it is connected to my social anxieties, girls see me in parties acting all weird and they assume it is personal, and it is… personal… to me, I have all this issues, doubts and fears, but not to related to them in particular, rather to humans in general*. So, girls stay away and caution others, thinking I am secretly planning to destroy their lives and relationships.

Now, about guys; I came to the conclusion (after that hard thinking) that, well, guys are never 100% there, you know? They always ask you three times the same thing and forget what you favorite flower/type of cheese/meal/movie/etc is. When you are dating them it is the worst trait, but for me, when it is only about friendship, it’s heaven! They never notice my twitching and nervous laughing and even when they do (being so used to not perceiving stuff) they don’t try and guess the meaning of my actions, they just let me be.

So that is why I have many nice guy friends and few brave girl friends. To all of them, today, I don’t dedicate this song, because it is sad.

I dedicate this song to those that I have unfriended and those that have unfriended me in the last years.
May we never notice that the link is no longer active! And if we do, way we be smart and mature enough to not think it was a mistake and foolishly send another friend request. Hear! hear! My not-friend! Enjoy your song!

This is Julie Doiron with Me and My Friend**

* And Zombies.
** Directed by John Claytor

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