Monday, August 2, 2010

Clémentine Dérodit brought nice back.

Well, after my last post filled with pink nipples and naked girls I felt dirty (yes, yes I did… and the 7 hours of Californication didn’t help me either). So I decided that I needed an extra sweet post; something nice, clean, joyous and vibrant.

Luckily I had the perfect person for such a post, I have been wanting to do a post about her for the longest time, and well, before, I couldn’t find the words (you know how nervous I get when I adore the work of someone). But, somehow today, after watching about 15 sets of tetas* bounce over David (William) Duchovny I thought I needed some clean-cut fun, and she was my answer.

Her name is Clémentine Dérodit and she is from France, she is a freelancer; one half of the design collective Bupla (the other half is Mathieu Quiblier), but by herself she does amazing work, the cutest I have seen in a long time (plus her work is always well done and perfectly finished, no matter the size of the project “excellence” is her middle name).

I have chosen 5 images from her Flickr Photostream, but you will probably have to go there yourself and look around, because a set of five in no way does her work justice, most of her uploads are amazing and! Of course, if you go to her Web Site, well you will find more interesting and incredible illustrations (links below).

Have a look at some of her beautiful work:


Recipe (For the Italian magazine Stirato)

La vie de mon doudou /3 (Illustration for the book Mon doudou fait du sport)


Go crazy on her Web Site (here)
Or look around her Flickr Photostream (here)

the sew sew team

* Yes, that means: Boobs.

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  1. wow, thanks a lot for your nice words about my work :)