Monday, August 2, 2010

The Golden Filter and a shiny Monday

So, life has been good around here. I guess after a month of being back in Mexico I am finally accepting my fate. I had a really nice weekend around friends; complete with a trip to the movie theater to watch Christopher Nolan’s Inception (LOVED IT! I will not go preaching around why that movie is great, but it is and I fell in love with it).

Now, back on a Monday I can say I am happy, I have a tinny new and exiting project and finally I feel like real blood is being irrigating to my organs; yes, I was a bit of an emo, before, I admit it, nothing but darkness and sour thoughts assaulted my mind, but now, after a good trip I am all about ponies, cupcakes and glittery objects. Oh thank you healthy mix of friends, pop culture and alcohol!

Now! Music! For a new Monday!

The Golden Filter with Solid Gold*

* Video by MOOP JAW

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