Monday, August 16, 2010

Noisettes and the best Monday!!!

Happy Monday to all!!

Well I must tell you, I had probably the best weekend ever! Well, no, not really I am sure there are more amazing and exiting weekends in my past, but this was really good; pretty sure it was the best weekend since I got back from Florida.

Movie night on Friday was great, I rediscovered my love for Watchmen (and beer); I was kind of nervous before going to my friend’s house because I had been warned that I was not to ruin the movie by making silly comments and jokes (which, if you have read more than one of my post, you can understand it's kind of expected from me), but I think I did OK, I mean at least I was not the one talking during the intro…

Then on Saturday a fun family dinner, I had forgotten that my relatives are actually pretty cool. No, nobody asked about my job, about the current status of my relationship, about when I am going to get married and have children or about my take on abortion; my family, I came to remember, cares little about any of those things. Grandpa, before dying, left a really relaxed attitude in our little group: If you are happy, eating well and learning about the important things in life* you are doing just fine and nobody should be bothering you. So it was a rather fun night of recalling stupid things we used to do as children.

And Sunday! Oh my sweet Sunday! I woke up to my father cooking breakfast (always a good sing) and my mother announcing that she was decided on my birthday present; now, I can’t tell you what it is just yet, because I am really scared of jinxing it, but! If indeed she gives me that present, it will be THE BEST birthday present of the last 10 years!!!!

I am sure I don’t deserve it, but I really do want it.
Anyway, if it happens I will tell you about it.

Now! Some music! Let’s dance!
Noisettes with Never Forget You

* Visual Arts, Aerodynamics, Photography, Physics, Engineering, Technology, Music (especially Blues), Literature, History, Biology and all the areas of this world that meant something for el abuelo Arturo.

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