Friday, August 20, 2010

Four Yip is Cool

I cannot assure you all that what I am about to post is 100% truth, because Four Yip is so cool that her information is scattered across all around the web in tiny reviews; I am pretty sure other cool people in the world know her story well, but unfortunately for you, you are not reading the blog of a cool person.

Legend has it that Four Yip is a gal from the Netherlands, that she started to paint portraits based on avatars from Second Life; you know, that online game where you can make your own little character (either based on your real self or, more likely, your alter ego) and meet other people.

Because her images were so incredible, she started to become really famous amongst Second Lifesters (I have no idea how they are usually called) and then her popularity grew all around the Web. She has done exhibitions in many galleries, so yeah, I guess she is not so underground (I am just extremely un-hip)

Rumor has it that she usually doesn’t sell her images that she gives them away (lucky friends of her), but I did find this place where you can buy things with her illustrations (here).

I adore the textures of her images and the super strong expression on all her subjects, she is incredible. I hope I didn't do such a bad job on the info in this post, because she does deserve a super nice text.

Have a look at what I loved from her:




For more of this super chic artists, you can go to her Flickr Photostream (here)


Where I got most of the info:
New World Notes article (here)
Rezzable article (here)
Virtual Art Initiative article (here)

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